Why do I need a professional when there is software I can use and do it myself?

Filing your taxes can be a hassle, depending on your situation. If you’re just an individual filling out a W-2, you can likely handle that yourself. But when your return is more complex, you might find it’s worth hiring a professional, someone who can save you not only time and stress but also money. As a business owner, it’s important to understand your federal, state, and local tax requirements.

At McDonnell Richardson CPA, PC we have a staff on board staying up-to-date with the latest tax laws and how they can benefit you. Tax laws continue to change and keeping up with them is a full-time job that will take you away from your business. A tax return is much more than just a document submitted to the IRS. Your tax return is used in so many other areas that it is wise to make sure there are not any unwanted assets or income.

If the IRS reaches out, we will take the call. The IRS can get tricky and you don’t want to give them the wrong information. The tax code changes every year.

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